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Netflix - Jamie Foxx & Dave Franco - Player's Breakdown

Jamie Foxx & Dave Franco sit down for a funny interview to promote their Netflix action comedy horror movie Day Shift. (Director / Writer)

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Bumble - Hive Minds feat. Miz Cracker

Bumble's digital comedy series finds friends recruiting friends to help build their dating profiles before they make the first move. (Producer / Editor)

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Wawa - Good Teamwork feat. Mark Andrews

A branded two minute spot for Wawa featuring Mark Andrews of the Baltimore Ravens.

(Producer / Writer / AD)

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Airheads - Days Off feat. Adam Waheed

A branded episode of Team Whistle's franchise series Days Off featuring viral comedy gem Adam Waheed. (Producer / Director / Writer)

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Wendy's - Home Team feat. Christian Kirk & Ozzy Ozkan 

Whistle's competitive comedy series Home Team sponsored by Wendy's & Dr. Pepper feat. pro wide receiver Christian Kirk & influencer Ozzy Ozkan. (Producer / Director / Writer)

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Dude Perfect + Nintendo - Face Off

In an episode of Dude Perfect's signature series Face Off, the guys battle it out in Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS. (Co-Producer / Editor / Motion Graphics Designer)

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